Buy a new/used car vs rent a car in Dubai

If you want to buy a new / used car in Dubai or want to rent a car in Dubai , this is a brief article we have written for you. Buying a car in Dubai is very exhaustive and time taking process, especially if you don’t have experience in cars. In Dubai you can have couple of options to buy a car, but the options depend upon your Choice, budget, how long you are going to stay in Dubai, do you want a new or used car and many other factors.

 Following factors should be kept in mind before buying a car or rent a car in Dubai UAE.

      1. Which car you want to buy?

This is the most import factor in buying a car. You can have some specific option in your mind if you are already an experienced driver and have kept different cars, or you can be a new driver and don’t have much experience. You can get help from your friends who have experience, you can go to the show rooms and test drive the cars, you can ask your friends to let you drive their cars, or you can rent different cars of your choice to get the experience. 

      2. How much budget you do have?

So, you have decided which car you want to buy, but have you considered if the car falls within your budget? If you don’t have much budget but you are planning to stay long term and your job is stable, then you can opt for leasing through bank. If you are not planning to stay for long term and you are not sure about the stability of the job then buying a second hand car can be the  best option for you. Following few points, you can consider regarding your budget

  • How long you are planning to stay in Dubai.
  • Do you want the car on cash or will you lease through a bank?
  • Do you want a new car or Second hand car will be fine?

        3. From which bank you will lease?

Leasing a car in Dubai is pretty much hassle free, but you should consider the interest rate each bank is offering. It is advised to lease the car from the same bank where your salary gets transferred, as there will not be much paper work needed.

        4. Depreciation

This is very important factor in buying a new car. Mostly people don’t pay much attention to depreciation but in my point of view you should strongly consider this. Cars depreciate very fast in Dubai, so after calculating the depreciation factor maybe you will decide to buy a secondhand car or simply rent a car in Dubai.

        5. Buying a new car vs Buying a secondhand car vs Rent a car in Dubai

If you don’t want the hassle of a broken car, or If your job is stable and you are planning to stay in dubai for a long period, or you can drive the same car for 4,5 years then you should go for a new car. If you are not planning to stay long or you are not sure about your job stability, or you want to change car after every year then you can buy a secondhand car or can rent a car. I hope that this article will help you in your decision making to some extent. We are eZhire rent a car mobile app, you can rent a car in Dubai with our hassle free mobile application, so if you want to rent a car before buying or you want to rent a car for long term please download our app and make a booking.

eZhire Mobile Application Booking steps

eZhire Mobile Application Booking steps

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