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The United Arab Emirates is made up of seven emirates and is situated at the entrance of the Arabian or Persian Gulf, on the eastern side of Arabian Peninsula. The emirates are magical in that they have modern development and roads are fantastic thus allowing for exciting drives especially if you are visiting and would want to sample the beauty of the coastlines on the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. There are many places to visit and a lot of attractions to sample including some of the world’s largest sand dunes located in Liwa Oasis area within the southern part of Abu Dhabi. There are also world class beaches on the eastern side, natural rock formations and archeological […]

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We as an online rent a car in Dubai, app based service share some tips to to travel to Dubai. Traveling to new places always has its own share of excitement especially if you are the kind that likes seeing new things. However, traveling can also be very stressful especially if you have to rely on taxis and public buses when you have no time to keep on waiting or the money to pay for metered trips. Renting a car, however, helps you take charge of your traveling especially in eliminating the hassles and the high cost of road trips as you can get some of the most affordable and convenient models of cars to take you anywhere in Dubai […]

Dubai 2016: A new year with new destinations From stopovers to shopping sprees there is always a reason for a trip to Dubai. With our car rental services in Dubai we make it easy to get around this vibrant city and take in the sights. Whether on a short or long stay, your first or one of many, there is always something exciting to see or do. From incredible contemporary architecture to historic districts you can travel to the future and back in time in the same day. This year some new destinations will be added to the city’s already full list of fantastic attractions. Here’s what you can look forward to seeing in 2016 with a Dubai car rental from eZhire. Mid-year the Dubai Safari is planned […]

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Dubai Rent A Car Guide The fastest way to rent a car in Dubai is just to eZhire it. Say goodbye to long lines and paperwork. eZhire simplifies the traditional way of renting a cars. eZhire cuts back the hassle and delivers the car of your choice to your doorstep within 59 minutes (Dubai – UAE) Website: eZhire Android Download Link IOS Link Many travelers who visit Dubai and even some residents who live here, find that renting a car in Dubai is a more sensible option than using taxis or public transport; Dubai car hire companies are a dime a dozen here and cater mostly to the business traveler and short-term visitor, although long-term rentals are available from most rent-a-car companies. Dubai is a city that is best experienced […]