11 Destinations around Dubai that you must travel by Road


Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It fulfils dreams of all types of travelers, especially the ones that love shopping, lazing around beaches, water sports enthusiasts. Dubai also offers various mouth-watering cuisines from across the globe. In addition to these attractions, Dubai has some exotic destinations with stunning landscapes that you should explore by traveling on road.

Here, driving is treated as a part of life with the most luxurious cars adorning the roads of Dubai. Dubai offers a promise to travelers that the journey will be equal (if not better) to the destination itself.

Here are some exciting places that you must travel by road in Dubai

1] Fujairah


This is one of the best destinations to travel by road as the drive takes a pass through lofty mountains and a number of beautiful towns. These towns are filled with mesmerizing mountain ranges on either side, making the drive envious to others. Fujairah is at a distance of 184 kilometers from Dubai. Scuba-divers are in luck as Fujairah is known as the scuba-diving destination of United Arab Emirates.

2] Dibba



Travelling by road, you can enjoy the panoramic views of nature around which comes as a great relief to many travelers who live and work in cities. Dibba is towards the east coast of UAE & is a perfect place for a getaway. It is 130 kilometers from Dubai. The drive is a beautiful one, with lofty mountain ranges on one side and the blue sea on another. The places to visit there are Dadna Beach and Blue Planet Diving.

3] Ras Al Khaimah



Being at a distance of 112.8kms from Dubai, RAK is the perfect weekend destination for many tourists and residents alike. It is one of the best places for seekers of adventure with a range of activities to indulge in such as water sports, horse riding, paragliding, golf and fishing. This emirate has the best five star hotels along with a wide range of beach resorts. The places to see here are Iceland Water Park, Khatts Spring and Ras Al Khaimah National Museum.

4] Jebel Hafeet



Jebel Hafeet is at a distance of 146.9 kilometers from Dubai and is the second highest mountain peak of UAE. The road is quite a sturdy climb which ascends to a height of 1,240 meters. It has rocky limestones all the way, standing tall since millions of years. The limestone walls make it an extremely enjoyable drive with the scenery of the nearby desert to savor as well. Places to visit here are Al Ain Zoo and Al Ain Palace.

5] Musandam



Located at a distance of 172.9 kilometers from Dubai, it is a perfect destination for a full day trip. You can take a tour to the stunning fjords by dhows and swim along with dolphins. It is a treat for the eyes and it is very easy to get lost in the beauty of Musandam.

6] Jebel Jais



It is UAE’s highest mountain peak and invites travelers who enjoy a drive. The road leading up to the mountain is the best part about the drive. Glide alongside the neat curves of the mountain and inhale the breathtaking views from atop Jebel Jais.

7] Hatta – Oman



Located just 136.9 kilometers away, a road trip to Hatta is short but sweet. It is better if you choose to travel on a weekday for traffic-free roads, but rest assured, you will be treated with spectacular landscapes.

8] Khasab



Khasab is at a distance of 198.1 kilometers from Dubai and is a lovely city with a nickname of “Norway of the Middle East”, because of the number of fjords it is blessed with. The journey to this place is marked with quaint bays meant for camping. The places to see around are Khasab Fort and Oman Fjords.

9] Liwa



It is at a distance of 292 kilometers from Dubai and you have to cross a vast desert, named as “The Empty Quarter”, which offers a challenge to drivers, but an enjoyable one at that. The best option is to check in to an isolated hotel, for example, Tila Liwa, which is located at the edge of the desert.

10] Ajman



Ajman is the best place to run away from the hubbub of the city life. Ajman, although the smallest emirate in the UAE, has some of the nation’s finest beaches to enjoy, especially if you choose to stay at the Kempinski Hotel. The drive is on the Highway of Emirates, adorned with spellbinding dunes all around. The place to see there is the 18th century fort which is now the Ajman Museum.

11] Al Ain



UAE is surrounded by desert from all sides and is not really known for its foliage. However, as you reach the settlements on the Dubai-Al Ain Road, it is very clear why UAE is called the “Garden City”. Al Ain Oasis is UAE’s first ever curated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the home of the fantastic falaj irrigation system, which came into existence about 3,000 years ago. As the city has the best water supply facility, a visit to the Wadi Adventure & water park is a must. It is one of UAE’s premium water parks, which is seated next to Green Mubazzarah.


It might not be obvious, but if you have time and you want to experience the real fun, you should take a road trip around Dubai. There is no comparison to the kind of landscapes and scenic beauty UAE offers. Stop working, take a trip and enjoy your vacation in UAE and create some unforgettable memories while you’re at it.